Hospitality of Shirasaki Seaside Heights: Shirasaki-Sou

白崎シーサイドハイツ 白崎荘のおもてなし 画像
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many guests who have stayed with us since we first opened in 1959.
Shirasaki-Sou is found in the center of a beautiful natural park called Shirasaki Coast. You can get an unbroken view of the beautiful coastline from all our guest rooms. The contrast between the white cape and the deep blue sea impresses those who see it like the Mediterranean Sea. Many prominent poets, painters and novelists have come to see this landscape since long ago. We cherish this space in which our guests can relax at ease by enjoying local live seafood, traditional local cuisine and the beautiful scenery in the four seasons of Shirasaki. We value the encounters with each and every one of our guests. We hope that you can also feel the warmth of Shirasaki-Sou. The entire staff here is looking forward to welcoming you with cordial hospitality.

Basic Information

Shirasaki Seaside Heights: Shirasaki-Sou

948-5 Obiki, Yura-cho, Hidaka-gun, Wakayama, 649-1123

TEL 0738-65-1007 / FAX 0738-65-2040
Check-in: From 15:00 / Check-out: Until 10:00

白崎シーサイドハイツ 白崎荘 画像


Many fresh marine products just caught in coastal waters are unloaded at the local harbor that is blessed with rich fishing grounds.
The owner here at Shirasaki-Sou personally goes to the harbor every morning to purchase the best ingredients from among the many varieties of fish on offer. Please make sure to savor our cuisine made with plenty of marine products that have exceptional freshness. The owner only buys the best fish to use in the cuisine on that day. This means the quality and freshness of the fish is truly remarkable. This is the reason why our regular guests tell us that “the fish of Shirasaki-Sou is especially delicious!” Please enjoy our Japanese-style banquet meals made attractive by gentle seasoning typical of Japan. We will serve you your meals in a tatami mat banquet hall.

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Guest Rooms

All our open guest rooms have an ocean view and come full of Oriental charms.
The pure white cape of Shirasaki Coast is a natural canvas that generously depicts the deep blue sea you can see from our large windows. Please make sure to freely take in our villa atmosphere at your own pace while watching the beautiful sunset.

お部屋 画像

We have sought designs that combine friendliness, warmth and comfort in Japanese-style rooms with a typical Japanese calmness.
You can stretch out your legs and relax at leisure in our spacious Japanese-style rooms.
If you take a seat in the chairs we have placed by the window, you can see a view of the calm Seto Inland Sea.
Please feel free to leave your daily life behind and relax while listening to the chirping of the black-tailed gulls and the sound of the gentle breeze shaking the trees.

Overview of Our Facilities

Total No. of Rooms
9 rooms
Room Layout
6-tatami mat Japanese-style rooms in 2 sections + an approximately 4.5-tatami mat spacious veranda and an approximately 3-tatami mat kitchen with separate bath/toilet
Yukatas (light cotton kimonos), towels, face towels, toothbrushes, hand soap and bath amenities (shampoo & conditioner and body soap)
Room Facilities
Full air conditioning, hairdryer, television, refrigerator, bidet toilet, kettle, valuables safe, tea set, Internet connection (wireless LAN), kitchen, cookware, pot, refrigerator and tableware

Charms of Yura Town

Yura Town is located almost in the center of Wakayama Prefecture. This town is surrounded by a clear cobalt blue sea and white chalk cliffs. This makes it one of the most scenic spots in Japan. The Totsui Limestone Caves concealing mysteries hundreds of millions of years old can also be found near to Shirasaki that is covered with daffodils in winter. This is ideal for going out and exploring while feeling the mysteriousness of nature.
This wondrous landscape can be read about in the Manyoshu (8th century anthology of Japanese poetry) and a monument dedicated to this has been set up here. There is no doubt that the beauty of this place composed into poetry by the writers of the Manyoshu is this landscape that can only be seen here. This landscape has also been selected as one of the best one hundred places to see the setting sun in Japan and one of top one hundred views of the Heisei Period (1989 to the present).

In addition, Yura Town is also known as the place where soy sauce originated. We are also proud of our fresh seafood here caught in the Kii Channel in the immediate vicinity. Among this seafood, the kue (longtooth grouper) – called a phantom fish that can only be enjoyed in winter – makes for an exquisite meal.
由良町の魅力 画像

Accommodation Rates

Overnight Stay with No Meals (Adult Rate) From 6,600 yen

※This is the rate for one adult.

※The rate may vary depending on the number of people in one room.

※The rate is subject to consumption tax.

☆If you want meals

 ・Breakfast (1 adult): 1,100 yen

 ・Dinner (1 adult): 2,200 yen or 3,300 yen course (Children’s course: 1,650 yen)

Access Map


Local train:
Get off at Kiiyura Station on the JR Kisei Line.
It is then approx. 20 minutes by bus or approx. 10 minutes by taxi.
Express train:
Transfer to a local train at Gobo Station on the JR Kisei Line and then get off at Kiiyura Station.
It is then approx. 20 minutes by bus or approx. 10 minutes by taxi.


Transfer to Hineno Station from Kansai International Airport and it is then 30 minutes until Wakayama Station.
Get off at Gobo Station on an express train from Wakayama Station (approx. 40 minutes). It is then 15 minutes by taxi.